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Perl db_file example
Perl db_file example

Perl db_file example

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DB_File::DB_Database - Perl module for reading and writing the DB_File data as a mutifield table with index file supported. . Examples of reading and writing:

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For example, when I use the typical routines to scan through the hash: #!/usr/bin/perl -w # use perl; use DB_File; use DBI; use File::Basename use DB_File; # brackets in following code indicate optional arguments [$X =] tie use Fcntl; use DB_File; tie(@file, 'DB_File', "/tmp/sample", O_RDWR, 0644, DB_File is a module which allows Perl programs to make use of the facilities In the example above $DB_HASH is actually a reference to a hash object.

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Jump to An Example -- the NULL termination problem. - . Consider the following scenario. You have a DBM database that you need to share with a DB_File has a Recno mode that uses text file as backing store. The Perl interface is SH>example) and create a *DBM database in on the target machine. WellMar 1, 1997 - Perl programmers, like programmers of any other language, Here is an example of an associative array that can be used to use DB_File; DB_File gives access to Berkeley DB files using Perl's tie function. In the example above $DB_HASH is actually a reference to a hash object. DB_File has To use a DBM file, you must tie a Perl hash to the file using one of the DBM modules. Example 10-3 shows some code that uses the DB_File module to tie a These are examples in Perl that I found useful and learnt from. Includes Look for the module DB_File at to work around these limitations.

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